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Book Reading Lamp

Book Reading Lamp

Category: Electronic Products

Product code: QW321

Price: 10 TL

Technical document Catalogue

Your book is your book, in such a compact structure, like a bookmarker. Whenever, wherever you want to be, your lamp will always be with you. Thanks to its convenient dimensions it can always stay in your book.

Whether the weather is dark or if there is light in your surroundings. Such bad conditions will never allow you to enter your book. Place your bookmark in the book and leave these troubles away.

In order to concentrate on your book altogether, a led lighting system is used in the book lamp. Here you are sure to experience the most impressive reading experience ever.

If you turn on the light of your room while reading your book, you spend 40 times as much electricity as the book lamp. If you read with the book lamp, you will save this electricity. 50 hours of uninterrupted light with the batteries. We love nature.

The lighting system is designed to be adjustable. In this case, if you need a small amount of light and you need a lot of light, you can get a high brightness light.

Technicial Specifications

- Compatible with all kinds of books thanks to its compact dimensions of 14 cm x 17 cm
- Portable structure for carrying
- Eye-friendly design, light distributed equally to every point of the page
- 50 hours of lighting with 3 AAA batteries (not included in the package package content)
- One key technology that provides ease of use
- Adjustable brightness level
- Only 105 gr. weight